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After having spent several times at your facility, I would like to compliment you on your staff.   They are all open, sincere, honest, and very caring.   Their dedication to helping people with sleep apnea is very apparent.   They are extremely careful to make your patients feel comfortable while we are being studied, while we are sleeping, or trying to sleep.   I never felt like my personal space was being invaded.   Thank you for the treatment I received from your staff and yourself.   I know that you have my health uppermost in your treatment.   You must be a wonderful boss to have such caring/giving staff working for you.

Jeanette C.
Salem, Oregon 


I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful service that your organization provided during my sleep studies and the follow up visit. I had a unique opportunity to compare the service provided by WSC and another local facility. You see my wife received sleep related care from the Salem Hospital sleep facility. She and I both felt their service was adequate and what was provided was reasonable. Then after personally experiencing your facility I was and continue to be very impressed. The care went to a whole different level. I found your staff to be freindly and professional. Your facility to be comfortable and your service to be fast and reliable. Your staff took a situation that could have been uncomfortable and awkward and made it pleasant. Thank you for the excellent care.

Dean Armer
Monmouth, Oregon


I was extremely impressed by the Willamette Sleep Center. Even though I was quite anxious and apprehensive before undergoing a sleep study. Your staff was very friendly, professional, and responsive to my needs, setting my mind at ease and helping to calm my nerves. My bedroom was lush and lovely with exquisite interior design. Most of the equipment was discreetly tucked away into the tasteful furnishings.  Creating a cozy relaxed atmosphere more akin to high class hotel room than a medical facility. I was able to settle in and sleep quite comfortably (to the extent my sleep apnea would allow!) despite the wires and straps. I would highly recommend Dr. Mark Gabr and Willamette Sleep Center for their excellent service.

Melody Ann Bywater
Independence, Oregon


This past month my life changed because of the sleep study and diagnosis I experienced at your clinic. I, Jim Doland, a patient have snored for thirty years and experienced sleep apnea in the last several years. My wife was very concerned about this disorder. I finally gave in and agreed to check it out. Three weeks ago I was given a CPAP machine and it has given me a new lease on life and changed my sleep habits tremendously. I now sleep through the night and feel rested. I can sleep on my back for the first time in years without waking the neighbors. I also find that I take zero naps in the daytime. I am a happy man and want to thank you for your help and service. Thanks for loaning the machine on our trip to Texas. I, Margaret, Jim’s wife of fifty years want to thank you for all you have done for Jim. He sleeps well and is quiet during the night. He has used his machine faithfully and finds himself feeling better and less tired in the daytime. I too am getting a better nights rest and grateful to all of you!!

Jim and Margaret Doland
Salem, Oregon


Thank you for helping me with my sleep problems. You have a wonderful facility. It is tastefully decorated, has state-of-the-art equipment and most importantly you have top notch staff. I would especially like to comment on your assistant, Randy. This man, while he is extremely knowledgeable and proficient at his job, he also has the patience of a saint. I don’t know what his salary is but it is not enough. Randy is a keeper. I truly wish that I could continue on as your patient but I am unable to do so since I have move to another state. Thank you again for your excellent care.

George Parsons
Salem, Oregon


Willamette Sleep Center was recommended to me for evaluation of conditions that may have been causing me to experience manifestation to what I thought was lack of time devoted to sleep. Following surgery to correct structural issues with my nose I took advantage of the sleep evaluation services offered by Willamette Sleep Center as recommended by my personal physician. The evaluation of existent sleep disorder conditions, recommendation for response and follow up instruction and evaluation of efficacy have all be performed with high professional and ethical service. Benefits of taking advantage of the services of Willamette Sleep Center are numerous, not only personally but to my household as well. I am able to get a full restful night’s sleep, which in turn equates into my family getting the same. I am more rested and more productive in my employment. Another physical benefit has been control of my hypertension has been steadier. I and my family, have benefited greatly from taking advantage of services offered by Willamette Sleep Center.

Martin Matiskainen
Salem, Oregon


My overall experience with Willamette Sleep Center left me confident that using a C-Pap machine was something that I could do. The clinic staff were more than helpful from my first visit and throughout the sleep study itself. My technician was a pleasure to work with and she put me at ease the whole night. Dr. Gabr explained the whole process before and after the study. He is very caring and straightforward with information regarding my particular sleep apnea issues. The Sleep Center makes you feel like you are spending the night in a very upscale hotel. The accommodations are top quality and it was easy to feel at home and settle in without any anxiety. I have been giving references to my other physicians so they can direct their patients who need an evaluation of sleep apnea issues. In my book Willamette Sleep Center is the best of the best!

Karen Warberg
Salem, Oregon


I just wanted to say that my tech was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything to me so I understood everything! She was awesome.

Melissa Kreitzer
Salem, Oregon


In my opinion the Willamette Sleep Center is the best in the state!

Sunny Howard
Salem, Oregon


I truly appreciated the patience of the sleep technicians when I found it challenging to relax & go to sleep.

Susan Reich
Salem, Oregon


For everyone at the Willamette Sleep Center. Thank you is really not adequate to let you know how very much I appreciate all of you. You have all gone beyond in sharing of your time patiences and expertise. I could not have worked through this without all of your wonderful help. Thank you again.

Darlene Anderson
Salem, Oregon

Why 'Willamette Sleep Center' ?

  • Medical Director Dr. Gabr is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Neurology, and Clinical Neurophysiology.
  • Sleep Physician has more than 25 years in evaluating Patients and interpreting Sleep Studies.
  • Registered & Licensed Sleep Technologists with years of experience in Conducting and Scoring Sleep Studies.
  • Salem Center is Fully Accredited for both In-Lab as well as Home Sleep Testing.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities that provide a Private, Comfortable, and Secure Environment.
  • Comprehensive, Individualized Care that assures effective Patient Treatment and Satisfaction.
  • Clinical Evaluation, Sleep Studies, DME/CPAP Supplies, and Close Follow-up all done in One Place.