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What To Expect

Sleep studies are scheduled at 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm. Routinely six evenings per week and sometimes seven. Upon arrival at the Center, a sleep technician will greet and escort you to one of the sleep study rooms. You will be asked to change into your night attire and robe. Next, you will be taken to the setup room, where wires will be placed on your scalp, near your eyes and on your chin. These will help determine what sleep stage you are in during the night. Two wires will be placed on your chest to record heart rhythm. Each leg will have two wires to record any movement. Usually, right before bedtime, several other sensors will be placed to record airflow, chest and abdominal movements and oxygen level.DrGabr-Bruce

You are probably thinking this is a lot, how do they expect me to sleep? Surprisingly enough, most of our patients get used to these attachments before lights out. Our goal is to record as close to your normal night sleep as possible. All the signals will be closely monitored throughout the night. In the morning the wires and sensors will be removed. At that time, you may choose to shower before leaving the Center. The sleep study will be scored by a sleep technologist and interpreted by our sleep physician. The results will be discussed with you during your follow-up visit.

Why 'Willamette Sleep Center' ?

  • Medical Director Dr. Gabr is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Neurology, and Clinical Neurophysiology.
  • Sleep Physician has more than 25 years in evaluating Patients and interpreting Sleep Studies.
  • Registered & Licensed Sleep Technologists with years of experience in Conducting and Scoring Sleep Studies.
  • Salem Center is Fully Accredited for both In-Lab as well as Home Sleep Testing.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities that provide a Private, Comfortable, and Secure Environment.
  • Comprehensive, Individualized Care that assures effective Patient Treatment and Satisfaction.
  • Clinical Evaluation, Sleep Studies, DME/CPAP Supplies, and Close Follow-up all done in One Place.